Lee Zeldin, Former 4-Term U.S. Congressman and 2022 NY Gubernatorial Candidate, Launches Zeldin Cares

NEW YORK – On Monday, May 15, 2023, former four-term U.S. Congressman and 2022 New York Gubernatorial candidate, Lee Zeldin, announced the launch of Zeldin Cares; a 501(c)(3) aiming to empower and uplift underserved communities by implementing wide-ranging initiatives that improve the quality of life for New Yorkers.

Some of Zeldin Cares’ initiatives to immediately implement include an event with The Arcs in the Capital Region, helping to organize a street fair to promote community services, and deployments of Zeldin Cares volunteers to boost efforts of other entities.

Long term, Zeldin Cares plans to partner with New York based businesses and nonprofits to implement an initiative aimed at reducing cold weather injury among the homeless population in New York; assist in developing a new entrepreneur incubation and education center in a traditionally less affluent neighborhood to improve economic opportunities; and research, design, and implement other projects intended to improve general living conditions in impoverished areas, including addressing food insecurity, youth mentoring, homeless services, and improving blighted buildings, parks, and streets.

After serving his country in the United States Army, representing his community and State as a New York State Senator, and United States Congressman, and most recently running an uplifting and energized race for New York State Governor, Lee Zeldin is now focusing his time to serve New Yorkers in a new way.

The creation of Zeldin Cares is a culmination of a life of service where Congressman Zeldin can utilize his strong community relationships, loyal and robust volunteer base, and fundraising expertise, to create a network helping and empowering underserved New Yorkers. Zeldin Cares will provide support to other charitable organizations, including veterans’ organizations, homeless services, and food pantries, while also working to improve public safety, environmental conservation, and other issues. Congressman Zeldin issued the following statement regarding today’s announcement:

“I am steadfast in my commitment to deliver the leadership we need to move New York forward in the communities which could use help the most. Whether it be helping young entrepreneurs in an inner-city community, cleaning up a public space, or providing volunteers to a partner organization, I am going to continue to do my part to create a better future for New York.”

Most recently, Zeldin sent shockwaves across the nation after nearly winning his 2022 campaign to become Governor of New York, receiving more votes than any Republican candidate statewide in 52 years. He campaigned on delivering safe streets, upward economic mobility, and quality education, hearing directly from thousands of New Yorkers in inner cities, suburbs, and rural communities across the state. With Lee running strong at the top of the ticket, Republicans were able to flip several suburban House districts across the state which resulted in a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. In the ensuing months after the election, Zeldin created and is the Chairman of the Leadership America Needs PAC, joined the Board of the Republican Jewish Coalition, and became CEO of Zeldin Strategies, while actively traveling the state and country to deliver speeches, participate in media interviews, and otherwise remain active in public service. He will also be completing his 20th year in the United States Army later this month, on May 31, 2023.

For more information, please visit ZeldinCares.com.